Valentine's Day 2021: Tips For Healthy Valentine's Day Gifts

Valentine's Day 2021: Tips For Healthy Valentine's Day Gifts

Ideas for healthy gifts for Valentines Day are dark chocolate, red wine, home-cooked dinner, a new mattress, couples massage, cooking class etc. This Valentines Day say I Love You in the form of healthy gifts. Well, what better gift than the gift of good health.

Valentine's day is around the corner and falls on a perfect Sunday - giving you all the time to spend it with your significant other. Amidst the fun and romance, it wouldn't hurt to make this Valentine's Day a bit more special by taking the health route.

Valentine's day is of course not complete without gifts, and this time, we is going to help you make some changes to your plans - making it not just about the romantic gesture but also about good health.

1. Red Wine For Your Heart

The polyphenols, resveratrol and quercetin present in red wine can protect your heart against cardiovascular diseases. The antioxidant nutrients in red wine help slow down the progression of atherosclerosis. Some of the other major pros of drinking red wine are it eases joint pain, may slow down cognitive decline, prevent the onset of cancer, and extend lifespan by preventing the onset of age-related diseases.

Controlled intake of red wine help reduces cardiac mortality, and the resveratrol shields your heart cells from tissue damage after a stroke, inhibits platelet build-up, and decreases triglyceride and cholesterol accumulation as well.

If you are a white wine devotee, it may help to know that while both red and white wine can be good for your health when consumed in a controlled and moderate manner; when compared to white wine, red wine is increasingly beneficial to your heart health due to the presence of the antioxidant resveratrol.

2. Go Dark, For Chocolate

Dark chocolate is healthier than any other chocolate variety, and that's a fact. In addition to the overall health quotient, studies point out that a scientific link between dark chocolate and love could come from the fact that cacao (the source of all chocolate), has significant levels of phenylethylamine - which boosts the serotonin and endorphins levels which in turn increases pleasure sensation, well-being, and might boost libido.

Experts advise that the recommended intake of dark chocolate is approximately 30-60 g per day. Even though quality dark chocolate is a better choice than milk chocolate, make sure you don't over-indulge.

3. The Relaxing Gift Of Massage

The benefits of a massage are many, ranging from chronic low back, stress, anxiety, high blood pressure to insomnia and muscle soreness, which checks out meditation's place as one of the oldest healing traditions. You can choose couples massage (at home or a safety-ensured spa) or take takes to massage each other. Massage makes for a perfect Valentine's day gift because studies have pointed out that getting massages together is a good bonding experience.

4. A Healthy Meal, At Home

Dining out may sound fun, especially now that you are sitting at home for long hours. But hear us out, what says I love you better than a home-cooked meal, right? Skip the queues and socially distanced restaurants and enjoy your day with a quiet dinner with your boo. Make the meal a mix of everything healthy; add vegetables, lean protein (chicken or fish) and end with a simple dessert.

You can cook a heart-healthy dinner for your date or spice things up by cooking together - not only is a fun experience, but it also sets the mood up for the day, in addition to the scientifically proven benefit of bonding. A healthy meal of fresh vegetables and lean protein will fill your stomach, but not too full so that you will not have to directly jump into the bed (to sleep) from all that food coma.

5. A New Mattress For A Good Night's Sleep

A perfect gift in all senses, gifting your loved one a new mattress, has many benefits. By promoting better sleep, the benefits of a good mattress range from reduced stress, improved mood, no back pain and other back-related problems to a reduced risk of health issues and proper weight management. Apart from these, a good mattress can also enhance your love life - a good bed is always a good gift.

Remember, not every gift has to be an over-the-top romantic gesture; a thoughtful gift goes a long way too. Some other healthy gift ideas you check out are as follows:

  • Skip the chocolates and go for dark chocolate-dipped fruits.
  • Couples cooking class (you can try online ones too).
  • A spa treatment (home-services are also available).