Instant Thandai Recipe

Instant Thandai Recipe

Instant Thandai is a North Indian beverage which is mostly served during festival of Holi. It is a cold beverage that people love to consume on the festive occasion. Thandai is generally made with milk and a lot of extraordinary ingredients that may not be always available. But Instant Thandai is an easy recipe and can be made within minutes with just a few ingredients that are easily available.

Total Time: 25 Mins

Recipe Type: Sweet


  • Milk - ½ litre chilled

  • Sugar - ¾ cup

  • Pistachios - 8-10

  • Almonds - 15-20 unsoaked

  • Muskmelon seeds - ½ cup

  • Fennel seeds - ½ cup

  • Pepper seeds - 6-8

  • Cardamoms - 6-7

  • Dried rose petals for garnishing - 6-8 petals

How to Prepare

  1. In a mixer, add the fennel seeds, sugar and black pepper and grind them into a powder

  2. Strain the powder in a bowl with the help of a strainer

  3. Keep the powder aside in a bowl

  4. Put the almonds, muskmelon seeds, pistachios and cardamoms in a mixer and grind them to a powder

  5. Strain the powder with the help of a strainer

  6. Mix both the powders and thandai powder is ready. Keep it aside in a bowl

  7. Take a fresh bowl and pour chilled milk in it

  8. Add 2 tbsp thandai powder in it and whisk it well

  9. Pour it into glasses, garnish with dried rose petals and serve chilled.


  • Keep the milk chilled for 2-3 hours
  • The thandai powder can be made and stored in the fridge.

Nutritional Information

  • 2 cups - 250 ml
  • 276 - Cal
  • 11.0 - g
  • 7.1 - g
  • 38.2 - g
  • 2.4 - g