Bread Rasmalai Recipe

Bread Rasmalai Recipe

Bread Rasmalai is a North Indian sweet that is eaten during festivals like Holi and Diwali. Rasmalai is generally made with chena and sometimes with instant rasgullas and takes a lot of time for fermentation so that it gives a fluffy texture. But bread rasmalai is an easy and fast recipe that can be made instantly at home and can be served anytime during the festivals.

Total Time: 30 Mins

Recipe Type: Sweet


  • White bread - 4 slices

  • Sugar - ¾th cup

  • Raisins - 8-10

  • Pistachios - 8-10

  • Almonds soaked - 8-10

  • Cashew nuts - 8-10 crushed

  • Milk - 1 litre full fat milk

  • Saffron - 1 pinch

How to Prepare

  1. Take a slice of white bread and with the help of a glass or any round object, cut the bread into circles and remove the leftovers. Repeat the same for all the bread slices

  2. Take a pan and keep the milk to boil

  3. When the milk is reduced to half, add sugar, saffron, crushed cashews, raisins and almonds. Add only a little bit of the dry fruits and keep the rest aside

  4. Keep stirring the milk till it becomes thick and slightly yellow in colour

  5. Keep the cut bread slices in a plate

  6. Take the milk mixture and pour it all over the spread bread slices

  7. Garnish with dry fruits - raisins, cashews, almonds and pistachios

  8. Serve it hot or cold


  • Stir the milk continuously while boiling it. Consume it within half an hour of preparation or else the bread will get soggy.

Nutritional Information

  • 4 pieces - 520 g
  • Cal - 1157
  • fat - 34.1g
  • protein - 33.3g
  • Carb - 183.7g
  • fiber - 8.9g