10 Best Super Energy Smoothies

10 Best Super Energy Smoothies

Smoothies are one of the easiest and quickest way to get your daily dose of nutrients from fruits and vegetables when in a rush. There are various kinds of smoothies that can be made catered to different aspects like weight loss, protein shakes for body-building, energy-boosting shakes and a lot more.

Smoothies are really simple to make that will keep your body energized when you feel sluggish and lethargic. Also, they are excellent in providing your body with energy after an exercise.

Athletes who are looking to improve their performance or anyone who cares about his/her health can try out these energy-boosting smoothies. These energy-boosting smoothies will also fill your stomach up, thus curbing your cravings.

1. Banana And Almond Milk Smoothie

Bananas are excellent sources of potassium, magnesium, manganese, iron, and other combinations of vitamins and minerals that make it an indispensable food to any diet. When it comes to providing energy, bananas are the best source.

How to make: Blend the banana, almond milk, and cinnamon for two minutes.

2. Orange, Banana And Strawberry Smoothie

A cup of strawberries contains more than 13 percent of the daily recommended value of dietary fibre with just 43 calories. Dietary fibre helps in digestion and maintains a healthy bowel movement. Furthermore, it also lowers blood pressure and will prevent you from overeating. After an exhausting routine, this smoothie will provide energy and help you to recover.

How to make: Add soy milk, strawberries and bananas in a blender. Blend it for 1 minute and add orange zest to it.

3. Kiwi And Cranberry Smoothie

Kiwi fruit is rich in both vitamins as well as mineral salts, which help to promote good functioning of the nervous and circulatory systems. Kiwi fruit contains vitamin C, vitamin K, folate, vitamin E and potassium. Cranberries are known to lower the risk of UTI and decrease blood pressure. A combination of these two fruits are enough to provide your body with energy.

How to make: Blend the kiwi and cranberry in a blender. Add a few drops of honey.

4. Chocolate Smoothie

Chocolate produces a sense of well-being when you consume it, as it contains stimulants and properties that cause euphoria. In addition, dark chocolates contain antioxidants that help prevent heart problems, and vitamins and minerals provide your body with energy. Have this super-energy smoothie daily.

How to make: Melt the chocolate bar and mix it with milk and vanilla or strawberry ice cream till it becomes a creamy texture.

5. Mulberry, Lavender And Kale Smoothie

Mulberries contain high amounts of antioxidants and polyphenols. It also contains iron, riboflavin, vitamin C, vitamin K, potassium, phosphorous, and calcium. On the other hand, dried lavender flowers improve sleep, relieve headaches, improve mood, etc. Kale is low in calories, zero fat and high in fibre. This energy-boosting smoothie is perfect to energize your body.

How to make: Blend all the ingredients in the smoothie and have it daily.

6. Chocolate, Chia And Banana Smoothie

Chia seeds are high in omega-3 fatty acids, protein, fibre, calcium, phosphorous and manganese. Cacao is an excellent source of antioxidants and theobromine - a vasolidator, a diuretic, and a heart stimulant. Having this smoothie after a workout or as an evening snack will boost your energy.

How to make: Blend all of them in the blender and drink it.

7. Pear, Lemongrass And Ginger Smoothie

Pears are a significant source of dietary fibre and vitamin C. The pear fruit is considered a laxative because it contains soluble fibre and this removes all the toxins out from the body. Ginger, on the other hand, is effective for managing high blood sugar levels, and it has a low glycemic index. 

How to make: Take half a pear, some lemongrass and 1 inch of ginger and blend it.

8. Mango, Orange And Honey Smoothie

Oranges contain high amounts of fibre, vitamins, minerals and carbohydrates. They are also low in cholesterol, sodium and saturated fat. Mangoes are packed full of vitamins, minerals and are rich in dietary fibre. Both these ingredients will provide your body with energy.

How to make: Blend all the ingredients in a blender and blend it. Honey is for flavour.

9. Kale, Berry And Acai Berry Smoothie

This super-energy smoothie is loaded with antioxidants. Also, kale and berries are a good source of protein and other essential vitamins and minerals. Adding a tablespoon of acai berry to it may help boost your energy.

How to make: Add kale, 1 tablespoon of acai berry and berries of your choice in a blender.

10. Green Energy Smoothie

The green energy smoothie includes peanut butter, spinach, coriander leaves, kale, lime juice and green tea for extra energy boost. All these ingredients are fantastic in promoting overall health and also good for providing your body with energy.

How to make: Add all the ingredients into the blender and blend it. Drink it while having breakfast.