Global Health Days

There are many 'health days' to promote important public health issues.

Date Event
04 February World Cancer Day
Second Thursday of March World Kidney Day
13 March World Sleep Day
20 March World Oral Health Day
21 March World Down Syndrome Day
24 March World Tuberculosis Day
02 April World Autism Day
07 April World Health Day
24 April World Meningitis Day
24-30 April World Immunization Week
25 April World Malaria Day
08 May World Thalassemia Day
20 May World Autoimmune Arthritis Day
29 May World Digestive Health Day
31 May World No Tobacco Day
14 June World Blood Donor Day
19 June World Sickle Cell Day
21 June International Yoga Day
28 July World Hepatitis Day
01 August World Lung Cancer Day
21 September World Alzheimer's Day
29 September World Heart Day
Second Thursday of October World Sight Day
10 October World Mental Health Day
11 October World Obesity Day
12 October World Arthritis Day
15 October Global Handwashing Day
16 October World Anaesthesia Day
20 October World Osteoporosis Day
12-18 November World Antibiotics Week
14 November World Diabetes Day
01 December World AIDS Day

Global Food Days

There are many 'food days' to promote awareness and importance of specific food items.

Date Event
30 March World Idli Day
01 June World Milk Day
18 June International Sushi Day
13 July National French Fry Day
01 October International Coffee Day
16 October World Food Day